Ejié Túé Ndáde Candidate Area

Last updated: August 2016

Ejié Túé Ndáde (Eh-jzhe-twé-in-DA-deh), or formerly Buffalo Lake, River, and Trails, is an area of approximately 2,177 km² that includes the western portion of Ejié Túé (Buffalo Lake) and Ejié Túé Dehé (Buffalo River), and lies within the southeastern corner of the Dehcho Region.

Importance of Ejié Túé Ndáde


"[We] need this land to teach our children our culture and traditional living." (K’atł’odeeche First Nation member, 2006)

Next Steps

Ejié Túé Ndáde Working Group Vision Statement

The Buffalo Lake (Ejie Túé), River (Ejie Túé Dehé) and Trails area has sustained people for generations and has enriched descendants of the Dene with beliefs, values, knowledge and skills. Rich in resources, the people have depended on this area for traditional harvesting activities and as a sanctuary for healing and spiritual celebration. By working together in harmony and by protecting the Buffalo Lake, River and Trails, we honour the sacred nature of the area for future generations.


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